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Reflection On My Views Of Feminism - 860 Words

Reflection does not come naturally to me. Full time work and school makes it a challenge to stop and reflect. However, I think it’s important to do, as it reminds me how vital it can be for growth and development in all aspects of life. Reflecting on my views of feminism consciously is a first for me, however, I now realize it’s something I’ve contemplated on a subconscious level. The first article I reviewed spoke, interestingly, from a male perspective in support of feminism for his own self establishment (Greenwald, 2016). Greenwald is supportive of feminism to develop an increased awareness - that it’s ok for men to be interested in â€Å"feminine† subjects and venues without retaliation that it’s wrong or minimizes being a man (2016). The author continues that men are hiding behind the age old idea that being a true man involves being stoic and strong physically and emotionally and that they deserve to be free of this stereotype for their own growth. Greenwald alludes to the idea that men aren’t fully evolved as individuals if they hold to that foundation of what defines a man (2016). The second website I perused was from a blog of pictures of women holding up written statements of why they are against feminism (Women Against Feminism [WAF], 2015). This site was intriguing as it was the opposite of the first article I read. Here, women shared their thoughts on why they don’t support the feminist movement and it was interesting that it was masses of women speaking, not justShow MoreRelatedAn Reflection With A Confession863 Words   |  4 PagesI start this reflection with a confession. I have thought more about feminist ideology in the last week than in my entire lifetime†¦what does feminism mean to me? It is a concept that was accompanied by many negative connotations in my mind. I had no idea there were so many types of feminism†¦just the terminology is slightly overwhelming. After studying and reflecting on this topic, I will discuss what posts spoke to me, what made me uncomfortable as well as how I can develop trusting relationshipsRead MoreFeminism And The Fight For Same Sex Marriage772 Words   |  4 PagesFeminism absolutely means different things to different people. As I have read through many different articles, posts, and readings about feminism, it has struck me how differently feminism is approached. Among many blogs and websites that I read there were two that stood out to me; the first was a blog by a woman named Cristen Conger on the website Everyday Feminism and the other was a Tumblr site that had photos of women presenting lists of why they are against feminism. In this reflection I willRead MoreReflection Paper On Psychology Of Women1334 Words   |  6 PagesRunning Head: SELF-REFLECTION 1 Self-Reflection: Psychology of Women Critical Thinking Paper 1 Hillary Cohen University of Maryland SELF-REFLECTION 2 My name is Hillary Cohen and I identify as a Jewish straight American woman. I grew up in a Conservative community surrounded by people who were a little more and a little less religious than I was. While growing up, my parents always made sure to let me and my sisters know that we could do anythingRead More10 Things I Hate about You and The Taming of the Shrew1171 Words   |  5 Pages1999, was positioned at a time when feminism was beginning to be deemed as â€Å"no longer necessary† (Sowards Renegar 539). According to Sowards and Renegar, in a 1998 survey, â€Å"48% of women surveyed answered that feminism is relevant to most women, but only 28% of women answered that feminism today is relevant to them personally† (Sowards Renegar 539). Furthermore, due to negative media portrayals of female feminists, only â€Å"32% of women answered that they view feminists favorably, while 43% answeredRead MoreFeminism Is Not A Feminist805 Words   |  4 PagesAt first I tho ught I was not a feminist. However, after careful consideration and research into feminist ideology, I have realized that I am a feminist. Individual feminism or Libertarian feminism represents my beliefs very closely. I do believe that women have been subjugated to men and remain so in many parts of the world. We have not achieved parity with men in all areas. Government continues to regulate the choices of women in terms of reproductive issues. There are ongoing struggles at the stateRead MoreAtwood, Neel, And Feminism1645 Words   |  7 PagesAtwood, Neel, and Feminism English Composition II Professor Michael Cain Kamala Chan Summer 2014 September 26, 2014 â€Æ' It may seem clear to most people that authors and artists are completely different in more than few ways. For one, their job descriptions have nothing in common. Authors write, and artists draw, sketch, and paint. Authors need to be grammatically correct, while an artist’s mistake can make their work unique, and abstract. With the endless list of differences, comes the one thingRead MoreSocialist Feminist Criticism1164 Words   |  5 PagesCriticism: You Dropped the Bomb on Me, Baby Feminism and gender studies have been described as having the ability to challenge literary and culture theory to confront the difficult task of assimilating the findings of an expanding sphere of inquiry (Contemporary Literary Criticism 567). This area of study has taken center stage during the last fifty years, not only in our society, but also in literary criticism. Although the terrain Feminism traverses can hardly be narrowed down to one singleRead MoreGender Inequality And Relevant Social Norms959 Words   |  4 Pagesdaughters, they unanimously said that they would love to teach their daughters to be independent and non-obedient. In my opinion, critical reflection is hard to achieve by merely examining the different interpretations of factual information. To be critical enough, one should take up different identities and positions, compare and contrast these positions with their own macro world views and micro beliefs. In this warm-up section, it is clear that although many female students have accepted certain sexistRead MoreGender And Gender : Response Paper916 Words   |  4 Pagesspectrum in My Gender Workbook by Kate Bornstein, which proved to be a very useful tool in understanding gender identity. We went on to read about LGBTQ issues with articles including â€Å"Americans Still Divided Over Gay Marriage† by David Crary and Emily Swanson which discussed the disagreements between American citizens on the approval of gay marriage. Finally, we discussed feminism with the article â€Å"Women’s Studies, Feminism, and the Women’s Movement† by Sheila Ruth. For the purpose of my ow n reflectionRead MoreWomen s Rights For Equal Treatment And Equal Rights1240 Words   |  5 PagesFeminists are made out to be men-hating lesbians, however, feminism is about equal treatment and even men can self-identify as such. As a woman of color I identify with Bell Hooks, FEMINISM IS FOR EVERYBODY Passionate Politics. Women of color needed feminism that was more inclusive and that advocated for the rights of ALL women, and not just white women. Women are objectified and are a reflection of a patriarchal society. When talking about feminism, many women of color couldn’t see their struggles reflected

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