Thursday, February 27, 2020

New Organizational Forms - Innovativeness To Attain Competitive Essay

New Organizational Forms - Innovativeness To Attain Competitive Advantage - Essay Example Clegg, Kornberger, and Pitsis noted that more and more companies are embracing new organizational forms. The new forms, as Clegg et al. explain, are readily replacing reliance on market oriented governance arrangements and embracing stronger centralization and joint decision making approaches. Organizations are rapidly changing their operations towards larger customer oriented units and relying on a rich set of integration mechanisms within these entities. This largely results in different forms of internal hybrids that enhance lateral sharing of individual and organization knowledge, aimed at achieving economies of scale and scope. Similarly, as Green elaborates, companies through the HR have to strategize on setting a single set of metrics to gauge all the manpower, in ensuring effective integration of these business units as businesses reshape into a larger customer oriented units according to the global business environment. Weber’s bureaucracy theory presents the best sce nario of the new organizational forms. Clegg et al. (2012) note that Weber’s bureaucracy theory requires that jurisdictional areas be well specified with activities that are well distributed as personal official duties, whereas the traditional approach requires activities to be delegated by the leader and can be changed at any particular time. In addition, Weber noted that officials in the organization have to be chosen based on technical qualifications, appointed and not elected, and well compensated to motivate them to perform.

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